Fuel tank steam-cleaning

Fuel tank steam-cleaning is of extreme importance for proper industrial functionality. Until today, we have performed more than 1.000 steam cleanings in industries and businesses all over Greece.

Being loyal to the value of innovation, we have developed an innovative system that cleans – inactivates enclosed tanks, by using superheated steam. The unique mobile steaming unit that we have created, consists of a steam generator (15bar) that produces superheated steam in order to either clean or inactivate an enclosed tank.

The steam-cleaning process lasts for about 2-4 hours, during which the fuel tank is completely cleared of any combustion residues and hydrocarbon gas, allowing for hot works, or change of tank product to be performed under conditions of ultimate safety. Another benefit of our innovative steam-cleaning system is that it effectively removes the mould and fungus that grow in fuel, keeping the tanks sanitized for a long time.