In the frame of its further development and of the broadening of its circle of activities, “MARINIS S.A.” Company is expanding to the sector of Medium Voltage Substations and fully undertakes everything concerning the establishment and function of a substation, from the initial plan study, the construction, the supply, the installation and the licensing to the operation of the substation, including the maintenance of the whole equipment, in order to ensure its correct and safe function.

Our Company, thanks to its long-lasting experience in the field of technical works, its high expertise, its constant updating on new evolutions and innovations of every kind, its specialized staff, consisting of highly trained Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and technical specialists (Electricians and Engineers) and featuring the required technical equipment, is able to implement even the most demanding projects, guaranteeing the high quality of the substation construction and the absolute safety of its function. Furthermore, our Company ensures, by means of contracts, the constant maintenance of the substation, with visits and a “Stand-By” service, responding directly to every need and requirement of each individual client.

Additional services provided:

  • Measurements of dielectric strength of Medium Voltage cables and transformers
  • Earthing resistance of substations in wind and photovoltaic parks, as well as in small hydroelectric power generation plants
  • Thermal imaging of Medium and Low voltage equipment, for the timely diagnosis and remedy of errors
  • Replenishment, replacement and completion of transformers’ oil and chemical analyses of transformers’ oil
  • Measurement and recording of Idle and Real Power, as well as correction study of the power coefficient (cosφ)
  • Check and certification of electrical installations, in accordance with standard HD 384
  • Supply of electrical material of Medium and Low Voltage